Steps of Getting an Environmental Professional Certificate

Environmental certification is not limited to one environmental field, there are many that require proper certification by a recognized organization. It allows people to enter the field as professionals with a certificate that acknowledges that they are apt at the skills mentioned and have the necessary expertise to do the job. Every certification has different requirements like taking exams, certain degree criteria, and work experience and more so if you plan on getting certified, you should check the requirements for your specific certification.

When you are done checking for the requirements, the question that comes to mind is how to apply for certification? Generally, the application process is not complicated and you would be able to complete it without much difficulty. But in case you still need help, we will give an overview that you would come across during the application completion and submission process.

Application Fee

In order for you to obtain a certificate, there is a particular amount that you need to pay and that is generally non-refundable which means that even if you fail the examination, you would not get the money back. Every type of certification will have different cost and it can vary from organization to organization.


Every certificate would require you to submit some documents attached to your application. These are the documents that we mentioned earlier. They might contain things like your resume, professional certificates (if you have any), any waivers (if applicable) and degree or transcript. Many of them the documents will be prerequisites so you need to submit those if you want to get certified. When it comes to educational transcripts, you need to remember that every organization might have different policies and might or might not accept a degree from a foreign university.

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