Motivated Marketing or Manipulative Marketing?

Advertisement campaigns have a huge impact on people now-a-days. This is the reason why companies pay so much to marketers and why so many people are going into the field. A product without good marketing is useless as people will be more inclined towards buying the competitive product which has a better advertisement. This is because past campaigns have portrayed false ideas and changed the mindsets of the people. The US automotive industry was specially doing this for their bigger cars and trucks. They were making advertisements that showed their bigger cars as more stylish and unique because of very stupid reasons.

One of those reasons was making people believe that SUVs are actually efficient in fuel consumption. goes on to describe SUVs as the exact opposite. The advertisers are clever enough to show features that weren’t even present in the car. Marketers used the huge size of the car as being safer. Even though the size and shape of the car doesn’t make it any safer than a regular sized car. As SUVs are already popular, they conveyed them as environment friendly so that not just families but other people who are generally concerned about the environment buy them too. These cars were actually made for families and their start off campaigns showed these cars as being very efficient for families. Now they’re newer models are named hybrids and are shown as environment friendly so that everyone can feel like they can buy the car and not feel weird sitting in it as it basically came out as a family car. Now this is a marketing technique right there; using multiple ways to portray the existing features of the product in different ways to attract people of all ages, groups, races  and classes.

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