Hair Treatment And Pregnancy

As much as we women love pampering out hair at the salon and trying new things with it, we’re fully aware of the fact that a lot of the products used in hair treatments are chemicals that may have some harmful effect on us. At some level, these chemicals can be toxic as well so it’s important to choose your hair products very carefully, even if it’s your hair stylist that’s buying them and not you. A lot of us won’t even worry about what the chemicals could do as long as we know that the effects are negligible. However, once you’re pregnant, it’s another story.

Pregnant mothers will go at any length to make sure that their baby grows up healthy and well. This is why so many mothers become paranoid about using hair products such as hair colour when pregnant. We all know that our skin can absorb chemicals and introduce them into our bloodstream. For a pregnant mother, this could be mean that that absorbed chemicals could end up in the baby’s blood stream and stunting their growth.

So, will you have to wait till after you’ve had your baby to dye your hair or do you get to be pregnant and fabulous at the same time, then? Well, according to pregnancy care guides at Best For Mums, there’s good news for you. You might be able to dye your hair while pregnant if you have the right dye. Only small amounts of hair dye can be absorbed into our blood stream and if you’re using a non-toxic dye, then an even smaller amount of chemicals will make it into your blood. Your fetus is no danger because of such small amounts of hair dye chemicals.

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