Getting in Touch With Customers These Days

About some ten or so years back, a buisness’s success was all about sales – as in getting the customer to buy from you before they can change their minds. While it’s true that making sales is still what every business does in the end, the customers these days need more reasons to buy and due to the many things they personally stand for, they disagree with just as many brands and won’t buy from them solely because certain sentiments of theirs don’t align with those of the brand.

Being completely honest, some customers are getting smarter while other are just become sillier and pettier but in either case, there are reasons why they aren’t buying from certain brands and moving to competition and no matter how silly a reason a customer may have for this, as a business that wants to retain paying customers, these reasons need to be taken seriously.

Many businesses employ customer behaviour experts who advise the business about how they can make their products and services into something that more customers will agree with and therefore increase their sales revenue. However, there’s a limit to how much even behavioural experts can speculate; this is where Walker Info voice of the customer becomes a necessary strategy. True marketing experts understand the power of customer insight and that’s how they get the modern millennial customer to buy.

A decade ago customer insights were painfully simple; for instance, if you asked a customer what they want in a T shirt and most of them answered that they liked wearing black colour, companies could make money just by selling more black clothes. These days, customers will answer the same question with things like how they care about the labour that was employed for the making of the clothes before they even talk about the product as well.

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