Upgrading to Taskbox 2.0

I’ve upgraded to 2.0. Where did my tasks go?

Taskbox has been completely transformed and redesigned, and because of this, you will need to take a couple of steps within your email accounts to transfer your tasks from “Taskbox” to “My Tasks.”


  1. From inside of Gmail, open your Taskbox folder by clicking on “Taskbox” from the left column.

  2. Next, check the “Select All” box above the list of emails to select all of the Tasks below it.

    NOTE: If you have more messages than are displayed, you will get this message:

    Click on “Select all XXX conversations” to include all tasks in the Taskbox folder.

  3. You will notice that “My Tasks” has already been created for you in the folder list to the left. Drag the group of selected emails/tasks, and drop it into the “My Tasks” folder.

  4. And you’re done! All of your tasks have now been moved to the “My Tasks” folder, and will be there in the app when you open it next.