3 Great Platforms For Mobile App Development

Developing and publishing apps for smartphones has become painfully simple, you no longer need to have an understanding of how coding works, all you need is the right mobile app development platform. Figuring out how to use these platforms is far easier than learning how to code, and with a bit of investment, you can easily begin producing some pretty great apps of all kinds.

Whether you wish to create an app for your business, or you want to create a product or service that you can generate revenue from, these app development platforms are going to provide you with the tools that you need to develop your app.


Appery is suitable for developing apps for iOS and Android, it is cloud based and comes with Ionic, Phone Gap (Apache Cordova), and jQuery Mobile built into it. You do not need to download this platform since it is all cloud based, simply open it up and start working right away, its UI is designed to keep things simple and intuitive. You can click, drag and drop various items to create your app’s UI and let the platform generate all the code for you, it also lets you seamlessly connect your app with cloud features if you plan on adding cloud based storage functionality to your app.

Appery’s tools are powerful and allow for a high level of customisability, you can add your own plugins as well, collaborate with your team if you have the Team subscription and basically, craft a superb app without having to break a sweat.


This app development platform is great for organizational use, especially if you plan on creating an app for a company that uses intranet. It comes with an online toolkit that allows users to create apps with a lot of control over the entire development process, the platform also comes with its own training that familiarizes new users to the platform. Apps created using TheAppBuilder are quite update friendly thanks to the platform’s ability to allow updates through a single click, even if your app is already live.

Mobile Roadie

What makes this app builder so great is its emphasis on visuals, it lets users see the app as they build it. The platform works well with a variety of media formats, and has the ability to automatically import Twitter, Google, and RSS keywords. Mobile Roadie provides users with guidance throughout the entire publishing process, helping you highlight any problems in your design or anything that can be changed. Another thing to note about this app is that is it probably going to appeal more to developers wanting to create a service or brand based app rather than creating a product since it comes with features that let you send push notifications. If you have a hard time figuring out what sort of format you want to use for your app, you can start off with some of the layouts that come with Mobile Roadie and work your way from there.

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